What Do We Do Now? FL Supremes To Pick Up Pieces From Failed Session

It was back to square one Tuesday, as attorneys for the Legislature and voting rights groups gathered in the same court room that sent lawmakers into special session over a year ago. Since that first revision of Florida's congressional districts some things have changed and some things are very much the same. read more »

Judge wants court direction in redistricting case

A Leon County judge will ask the Florida Supreme Court how to move forward with a redistricting lawsuit after the Legislature failed to draw new congressional lines in a special session that collapsed last week. read more »

Senate given Friday deadline for redistricting response

The Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday gave the state Senate until the end of the week to respond to move by the House that would allow a circuit judge to consider proposed congressional redistricting plans from both legislative chambers and other parties in a long-running lawsuit. read more »

Legislative friction sends redistricting case back to Supreme Court

TALLAHASSEE - The Florida Supreme Court ordered lawmakers to redraw the state's congressional districts. They didn't do it. Now, the state's highest court will decide whether to give them more time or to let the courts draw the districts themselves. read more »

Florida Lawmakers Head To Court After Failed Special Session

Lawmakers in the Florida House headed to court Monday.

As First Coast Connect host Melissa Ross reports, it's the next step after an impasse with the Senate over how to redraw Florida's 27 congressional districts. read more »

Trial judge asks Florida Supreme Court for guidance in resolving redistricting dispute

TALLAHASSEE - The Florida Supreme Court now will decide the best way to resolve the impasse over Florida's redistricting maps after a trial judge said Tuesday that he "has no authority" to resolve the dispute between the House and Senate. read more »

Florida fight over congressional maps goes back to court

Republican legislators have been stymied in efforts to draw districts that meet a anti-gerrymandering rule

Florida legislators, stymied in repeated efforts to draw congressional districts that meet a constitutional anti-gerrymandering rule, took their standoff before a circuit judge Tuesday. read more »

Redistricting hearing: Trial judge needs direction, Senate wants do-over

Hope sprang eternal in the Leon County Courthouse Tuesday, with the state Senate's redistricting chair insisting there was still time for lawmakers to get together and come up with a new map for the state's 27 congressional seats. read more »