Update: Redistricting challengers amend filed maps, withdraw plan that does not cross Tampa Bay

The challengers, a coalition of individuals and voting groups led by the League of Women Voters, had argued that the Legislature should have updated its voting data to include the primaries of 2012 and 2014 which would have helped to show the strength of black voting performance in the districts. read more »


On Tuesday, the League of Women Voters of Florida, Common Cause and others withdrew two maps and submitted a new "corrected" map, after filing six versions of a redrawn district map last week. read more »

Redistricting jury should pick Florida's new plan

The jury would meet for only one day. Advocates for each map would make their initial case, then rebut their opponents' arguments. Jurors would then vote.

Florida's Supreme Court would review the map to ensure it complied with state law. read more »

Senate sends combination map to high court

The Florida Senate on Wednesday recommended to a Leon County judge a plan for the chamber's 40 districts that was never voted on by either the House or Senate during a recent special redistricting session. read more »

Florida Supreme Court Weighs Redistricting Plans

A key Florida Supreme Court justice sounded skeptical Tuesday about the Legislature's proposal for a contested South Florida district in a battle over the map for the state's congressional delegation. read more »

State Supreme Court considers changes to Florida's 27 congressional districts

The hope is that the court will soon end three years of lawsuits, court hearings and special sessions by finally endorsing a new map for the state's 27 congressional districts ahead of the pivotal 2016 elections. read more »

Congressional redistricting back before Florida Supreme Court, with focus on Miami and Palm Beach County

Florida's three-year battle over congressional districts landed again Tuesday before the state Supreme Court, with attorneys for the House and Senate fighting against a map drawn by a voters' coalition. read more »

Legislature asks Florida Supreme Court to pick a different congressional map

TALLAHASSEE - The three-year battle over Florida's congressional boundaries moved to the state's highest court Tuesday where lawyers for the Legislature tried to get a trial court map declared unconstitutional but instead found themselves defending the way lawmakers handled two Hispanic districts in Miami-Dade County. read more »