Justices to wade into Florida's redistricting fight

The Florida Legislature's 2012 redrawing of congressional districts goes before the state Supreme Court today for arguments that could have a dramatic effect on the state's upcoming political year. read more »

Florida Supreme Court hears one more challenge to congressional district maps

TALLAHASSEE - Florida's congressional redistricting maps should be rejected because they are the product of a shadowy process infiltrated by Republican political operatives in violation of the law against partisan gerrymandering, lawyers argued before the Florida Supreme Court on Wednesday. read more »

GOP use of strawmen to submit redistricting maps focus of unsealed testimony

Lawyers challenging the legality of Florida's congressional districts focused on the use of "strawmen" to submit proposed maps when they questioned GOP political consultant Pat Bainter about the Legislature's 2012 redistricting process, according to testimony in the case unsealed Tuesday.

The lawyers for groups challenging the redrawn congressional districts stressed the fact that third parties were recruited to submit maps drawn by GOP political consultants like Data Targeting, Bainter's company. read more »

Redistricting records GOP-led process was an illusion

TALLAHASSEE - Long before the first public maps were released, critics say Florida Republican political operatives were creating an illusion of non-partisanship over the once-a-decade redistricting process witha wink and a nudge toward their collaborators in the Legislature.

That illusion was outed Tuesday when the Florida Supreme Court released thousands of pages of emails, testimony and sealed court records related to the GOP political consulting firm Data Targeting, which was at the center of the two-year legal fight over lawmakers' attempts to implement anti-gerrymandering reforms passed by voters. read more »

Florida Supreme Court unseals documents on districts

TALLAHASSEE - The extent that Republican consultants went to influence Florida's redrawing of congressional and legislative districts was placed into public view on Tuesday by the Florida Supreme Court.

The high court officially unsealed hundreds of pages of emails and documents, as well as court testimony that had been given behind closed doors by one consultant from Gainesville. read more »

Records Show Broad Effort To Funnel Maps Through Public

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) — The Florida Supreme Court released records Tuesday that gave more insight into an alleged plan by Republican political consultants to funnel maps through the public.

The effort itself is not a surprise; revelations at a redistricting trial about a map submitted under the name of former Florida State University student Alex Posada had already indicated some maps submitted through the Legislature's system to gather public ideas were not drawn by the people whose names were attached to them. read more »

9 Investigates: High cost of Florida redistricting lawsuits

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. —The Florida Legislature has spent more than $6 million on outside legal counsel fighting congressional redistricting.

According to records obtained from the Florida House of Representatives and Florida Senate, the two chambers have spent a combined $6,222,655.93 in its lawsuits with groups including the League of Women Voters.

read more »

In Congress, it's sweet to be an incumbent

Ask the Average Joe or Josephine what they think about Washington — and they will tell you that Congress is full of hacks who need to be thrown out of office.

Yet, do you know how many incumbents Central Florida booted this week?


That's right, not a one. read more »