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Legal Battle Looms Over Florida Congressional Districts

With the midterm election a little more than three months away, a legal battle in Florida has cast uncertainty over the state's upcoming congressional races.

A state judge ruled this month that maps for two of Florida's 27 congressional districts violated the state constitution. He ordered the Legislature to redraw the maps.

The question now is when.

Like most states, Florida redrew the maps for its congressional districts after the 2010 census. Some states appoint special commissions to do the job, but in Florida, redistricting is done by the state Legislature. read more »

Politicos Ponder Fallout From Redistricting Ruling

TALLAHASSEE (The News Service of Florida) — Members of Congress, candidates and political observers are grappling with the fallout of a judge's Thursday ruling that two of the state's congressional districts were illegally drawn for partisan reasons.

Lawyers on Friday were preparing to ask Leon County Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis to move quickly to prescribe a remedy for the flawed map. Meanwhile,

Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown blasted Lewis's decision, while a former congressman blamed the ruling after pulling the plug on a comeback attempt.

While Lewis declared that the GOP-dominated Legislature's maps were unconstitutional under the state's anti-gerrymandering standards approved by voters in 2010, he did not specifically lay out a fix for the districts. He could redraw the lines himself or order lawmakers to do it. read more »

New district map may not be a game-changer

WASHINGTON - Most Democrats are cheering the Florida Circuit Court's judge ruling Thursday throwing out the congressional district map drawn by the GOP-controlled Legislature.

But at least one expert who studies congressional races says Democrats shouldn't get too giddy, even if it helps put the Orlando-area seat — now held by Republican Daniel Webster — back into play.

David Wasserman, who monitors House races for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, said there are several reasons why not much might change in a state where Republicans control 17 of the state's 27 congressional seats. read more »